Who endorses Doug Otto for Long Beach School Board?

Doug is endorsed by leaders in education and in the community including the Teachers Association of Long Beach! Please scroll down to learn more.


I am a teacher and a parent of two children in Long Beach schools and, I know that Doug Otto is exactly who we need on the Long Beach School Board. Doug is a product of our Long Beach schools from kindergarten through Long Beach City College, and he is dedicated to ensuring that our students have the tools they need to succeed. As a former faculty member and law school professor, Doug also knows the essential role that each teacher plays in enabling students to succeed. Doug is a statewide leader in community college organizations and he is familiar with California education at all levels. Doug knows Long Beach and he knows education. I wholeheartedly support Doug Otto for LBUSD School Board.

- Patrick O’Donnell, California Assembly Member

Photo of Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, CA

Doug Otto is a life-long Long Beach resident with a distinguished record of service to our city. As a member of the LBCC Board of Trustees, he has expanded access for all students, has co-chaired construction bond campaigns and helped improve student success. Doug and I share the firm belief that education is the key to success for our city beginning with early childhood education and continuing through our community college and beyond. His strong community-based values and commitment to educational achievement are exactly what our School Board needs right now. I am proud to endorse Doug Otto for the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education and encourage you to join me in supporting him.

Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach


A member of the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education must value learning and understand state and local educational policies. But mostly, an effective School Board member must have a passion for students. Doug Otto has these qualities, and more. As a practicing attorney Doug will bring a unique skill set to the School Board. His service on the LBCC Board of Trustees has given him a strong background in revenue management, governance and policy. But his experience as a teacher and a Long Beach student himself gave him the affinity for the classroom teachers on the front line with students. Doug Otto is my clear choice for LBUSD School Board in my district – District 4.

  – Jon Meyer, Vice President of the Long Beach Board of Education

Teachers, Nurses, Speech Pathologists, and Librarians Endorse Doug Otto for Long Beach School Board

Long Beach, California – 
On Tuesday, May 28, 2019, Teachers Association of Long Beach, which includes teachers, nurses, speech pathologists and librarians, voted overwhelmingly to endorse Doug Otto in School Board Area 4.
Filling Jon Meyer’s shoes will be no easy task; however, Mr. Otto has a long history of advocating for our communities. Whether it be his tireless work at Long Beach Community College or the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. His steady leadership is just what LBUSD needs as we deal with the prospect of hiring a new superintendent and declining enrollment.
 – Barry Welsch, President of the Teachers Association of Long Beach