Why I’m Running for Re-election

Doug Otto, LB Unified School District Board Vice President, District 4

I am passionate about education.

I strongly believe that education is the avenue that leads to future success for our students and a productive and engaged population for our nation. I am a product of the Long Beach school system and I know first-hand how important a high-quality education is.

Long Beach Unified School District is celebrated as one of the best urban school districts in the nation and I am proud to have a role in making that happen.  But with declining enrollment and the unwillingness of our legislature to adequately fund education, Long Beach will be in trouble if we don’t do what’s necessary to make sure our students, teachers and administrators have the resources they need.

During my first term in office, I focused on helping create policies and programs that address our students’ needs and support District priorities. I have had a leadership role in helping to pass the recent bond measure that will continue to improve and enhance our school district facilities and upgrade our technology and equipment.  I have been a strong voice on the Board of Education in the future planning process which is now underway to chart the path for the district to 2035. I am a persistent advocate for monitoring and improving student outcomes, not just for high achieving students but for ALL students.  And though progress is being made, this work is far from being done. 

I’m running for re-election to keep Long Beach Unified in the forefront of California’s and America’s school districts and to protect the vital pathway to future success that LBUSD provides the students in our community.  The Long Beach Unified School District is the glue that holds the city of Long Beach together.


Vote Doug Otto for School Board in 2024