Doug Otto’s Ten Point Safety Plan for Long Beach Schools

          “I pledge to create a collaborative partnership between the Long Beach Police Department, the City Prosecutor’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, the City of Long Beach and Long Beach Unified School District to make school safety a top priority. My ten-point plan for School Safety is intended to begin that discussion.” 
                                         – Doug Otto

Doug’s Ten Point Plan for School Safety


  1. With input from parents and law enforcement, create Safe Passage corridors to and from schools.
  2. Develop individualized school site safety plans in partnership with local law enforcement to develop school threat assessments for each school in the district.
  3. Establish effective communications between school site and parents for timely updates to parents in the event of an incident.
  4. Enact zero-tolerance for students who bring dangerous weapons on campus.
  5. Expand after-school programs, including sports, art, music, and tutoring, to ensure students are engaged in constructive activities outside school hours.
  6. Provide counseling interventions for students who demonstrate anger or aggression; work with parents when students are in early stages.
  7. Create a district-wide Master Safety Plan to protect all students regardless of grade level and school location.
  8. Support legislation that keeps drugs and guns far from school campuses.
  9. Encourage schools to use restorative justice and other programs to increase school safety.
  10. Implement training for teachers, counselors, and administrators to better identify potential threats to school safety.

“Doug Otto knows that school safety is a top priority. He has a record of working with law enforcement and the community to keep our schools safe.” 

– Doug Haubert, Long Beach City Prosecutor